Can you evolve fast enough?

One hundred years of climate change can have a profound effect on the environment. In the landscape of Climate Pursuit, this is clearly visible. To stand a chance to survive, you'll either have to evolve and develop new, favourable traits, or colonise cooler places up north.

The three species you can choose to play as are the great tit, the dandelion with its wind-dispersing seeds and the rat. All three have their own characteristics, and their own response to cities that pop up all over your landscape.

So will you manage to survive one hundred years of increasing temperatures?!

Try it: will you survive 100 years of climate change?


A century of climate change, bringing ever higher temperatures. Life can be hard: what would you do to survive as a bird, plant or rodent? Try the new game Climate Pursuit to find out.

Screen caputure of startpage game

Play & learn more

The game can be played for 'fun' - to experience for yourself what the impact of climate change could be. In addition, it can be used in an educational setting.

Via this link you can start the game on your own PC or laptop. A version for tablet/smartphone is on our wishlist for the future (any tips or assistance would be much appreciated).

Contact: science communication department (general content and educational questions)

This game is based on an idea of Marleen Cobben and made in collaboration with NIOO-KNAW and iTZiT Visual Technology, sponsored by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO-ALW)

Information for teachers:

Climate Pursuit can be used for the themes of Evolution, Population Dynamics and Climate Change. The game is a scientifically based representation of the following processes:

1. Consequences of climate change for species’ distributions and the related micro-evolutionary changes

2. Population dynamics and density-dependent processes therein.

Other natural processes are not incorporated in favour of Climate Pursuit’s gamability and playability.